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Single 12VDC Magnetic Lock


Single 12VDC Magnetic Lock



The Single-Door Magnetic Lock (350kg) is a high-quality locking system that is suitable for a variety of door types including wood, glass, metal, and fire-escape doors. The lock operates on DC12V and has a holding force of 350kg.

The lock size is 2854928mm, making it compact and easy to install in tight spaces. The lock also comes with a suction plate size of 1904511mm that provides additional support to the lock.

The lock is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. The locking mechanism consists of an electromagnet that is mounted onto the door frame and a metal plate that is mounted onto the door. When the lock is activated, the electromagnet creates a magnetic field that attracts the metal plate, securely locking the door.

This magnetic lock is an ideal solution for applications that require a high level of security such as commercial buildings, hospitals, and data centers. The lock is also suitable for use in fire-escape doors as it can be easily unlocked from the inside in case of an emergency.

Overall, the Single-Door Magnetic Lock (350kg) is a reliable and secure locking system that provides peace of mind for your security needs.

– MagLock (350kg),Lock Size:285*49*28mm
– Suction Plate Size:190*45*11mm
– DC12V, suitable for wood, glass, metal, and
fire-escape door.


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